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Digestive Disorders

I've had IBS my entire life. I had tried both conventional and alternative medicine for IBS. I tried Acupuncture Health Company based on a referral from a friend who had got her IBS under control after seeing Stacy. To be honest, I didn't really have much faith that he could help, because I had seen acupuncturist for IBS in the past (both local and out of state) and had no real luck.

Wow was I wrong! After 4 acupuncture treatments my symptoms are gone! I wish I had seen him twenty years ago! Thanks Stacy!
--Tina F.

I started receiving Acupuncture from Stacy Hewitt at Acupuncture Health Company in January after having had the flu. My IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) was really giving me a hard time, probably due to the antibiotics I had to take, and my general state of health. Stacy gave me several treatments. After the first one I had relief and even more with each consecutive treatment. Now I have a maintenance treatment once a month just to promote general health.

Stacy also recommended a great Chinese Herbal Formula which works great!! I only take it when I need it and I feel much better within a short period of time. In all these 15 years of suffering I have never found anything so worthwhile for my condition. Thanks, Stacy.

I never thought acupuncture could really help me. I always assumed it probably had some limited capabilities, but that they were restricted to people with lower back problems and issues of the spinal column. After having several people suggest trying acupuncture, I decided to seek some treatment to see if it would help with some neck and migraine pain I was experiencing, but I didn't expect drastic results, nor do I think I realized at the time, the scope of acupuncture and what acupuncture can treat.

Stacy Hewitt of Acupuncture Health Company starts the first session with a very detailed health intake form that covers most areas of physical and mental health. Our discussions of my health history allowed Mr. Hewitt to have some insight into my overall health, and in the discussion it came out that I have had problems with IBS, as well as some psychological issues relating to my childhood and my upbringing, which are intertwined. He ascertained that in general, I was not able to handle stress well, and when I experienced a lot of stress, my stomach was taking the hit. Mr. Hewitt was able to pinpoint a treatment plan to help me rid myself of painful diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, which I so frequently experienced, especially when stressed out.

After one session, my symptoms had entirely cleared up. I felt more energy and I was not having pains in my stomach nor the other symptoms that went along with it. I seemed to be able to handle stress without it causing my body to malfunction. For someone who had suffered with this issues for years, this seemed miraculous.

I have continued to allow Mr. Hewitt to treat me and my body feels better than it has in years. I feel more energetic, my body feels more stable, I'm in less pain and discomfort, and overall, I feel wonderful that I'm doing something that is helping me to feel good. Mr. Hewitt is professional, he explains the procedures and the treatment to his patients, and he carefully and conscientiously reviews my health and symptoms each week. I believe he genuinely cares about his patients' health and well-being. I would recommend Acupuncture Health Company to anybody who needs help. Mr. Hewitt will discuss with you what acupuncture can and cannot help with, and he will be able to get you started on the road to much better health, both physical and mental.

Our 7 year old son started having stomach issues after he took antibiotics for an earache. We took him to the doctor when his symptoms had progressed to having constant diarrhea, abdominal pain and extreme bloating. The doctors diagnosed him with c-diff and we were told that it probably came from the original antibiotic for the earache. So what did the doctor do? Prescribe more antibiotics. He said it was the only way to get rid of the bad bacteria in our son’s digestive track. After three additional rounds of antibiotics and that doctor wanting to do a fourth, we said enough. We had heard Stacy specialized in digestive issues and also worked in pediatrics. On the first visit Stacy gave us an herbal formula to give to our son. Our son too it for a week and then had a stool sample. It was amazing the stool sample came back clear. The pathogen was gone! Stacy switched our son to a different herbal formula. For three weeks our son took the new formula and a probiotic Stacy recommend, and all his diarrhea, bloating and pain went away! Just simply amazing!
--Marry H.

Value. I’m all about value. I’m a bargain shopper at heart. When I was diagnosed with IBS, I called around trying to find the best deal on acupuncture. When I talked with Stacy I really liked how knowledgeable and professional he was, but I went with another acupuncturist because they were cheaper. That was a mistake. After 8 sessions with the cheaper acupuncturist I had no relief. Another friend recommended I try a “community” acupuncture clinic. It was even cheaper, so I gave that a try. Six sessions into the community acupuncture, I still didn’t have any relief and I didn’t like the lack of privacy during my treatment.

Because Stacy was so highly recommend and my stomach was so painful, I went back to Stacy to give acupuncture one last try. 4 sessions later I felt great.

He has me regularly taking herbs and I see him once a month for maintenance, but I’ve never felt better. It’s worth it. So the lesson I learned was price shopping is great for the groceries, but maybe not so great for health care. If I’d gone to Stacy first I would have saved all the money I spent on the “cheaper” folks. I guess you get what you pay for. Value really is about getting quality health care, not the cheapest price.

Pain and Injury Management

I was experiencing low back and hip pain. I started to get a limp from the pain. I went to see my primary health care provider and he recommend I see an orthopedist. I really didn't want to start down the path to surgery. I decided to try acupuncture. Stacy is awesome! I went to see him once. Both my pain and my limp went away after my first session. I've been pain free ever since.
--Sally M.

I suffered from hip bursitis for over a year and, despite p.t. and prescribed exercises, the bursitis continued to interfere with my life. Four acupuncture treatments with Stacy has me back on track and out of pain! Thank you, Stacy!
--Belinda L.

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

I had an extended vacation planed that included a tremendous amount of walking. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do everything on my trip because of the horrible pain in my right heal. Six treatment s with Stacy and my foot felt great and my trip was excellent.

My left heel started to bother me. It felt like a rock was in my shoe. Friends recommend Stacy. After 1 treatment all my discomfort was gone.
-Cali J

A combination of a muscle tear, being flat-footed, foot surgery and old age had culminated into daily foot pain. My feet hurt every day. I was an active person but my feet began to limit my activities and ability to exercise. I had seen a PT, orthopedist and podiatrist and was not getting any helpful solutions. I’ve seen Stacy 4 times and my foot pain is so much better. I can be active and exercise now!
-Jamie T

I was suffering from daily foot pain. My feet always felt dead, lifeless and heavy. They had very little feeling or sensitivity. I’ve been seeing Stacy about 8 times and my feet feel so much better. They feel alive and I can actually feel the grass under my feet now!
-Tom W

I’m 84. My feet hurt so bad that I could barely walk for about 10 mins before I had to sit down because of the pain. I was told by the doctor it was due to poor circulation and there wasn’t much that could be done. Friends recommend Stacy and he is a miracle worker! After 6 times my feet feel great and I can walk for most of the day before my feet get tired. I can walk around and play with my grandkids instead of just sitting in a chair and watching.
-Barb D

Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain

I’d seen another acupuncturist for my carpal tunnel and wasn’t getting a lot of results. I talked to my orthopedist and he wanted to do surgery. I wasn’t too interested in surgery and someone told me about Stacy and how he help them. I saw Stacy 7 times and no more wrist pain.
-Anna J

I have De Quervain's tenosynovitis (wrist pain). Mostly it came from lifting my children. It was starting to become very bad and I saw Stacy. I’ve seen him three times and with his acupuncture and orthopedic massage work and it is feeling better than it has in 6 months.
-Betty F

I had ongoing carpel tunnel for 6 months. I felt it all the time. During the first treatment Stacy was able to make the pain go away instantly with only 3 needles. I had to see him about 4 more times and I’ve been pain free ever since.

Double carpel tunnel….. Double relief. Thanks Stacy for helping with both my wrist.
-Bob K

Women's Health

Want to say good-bye to night sweats and Hot Flashes? Then say Hello to Stacy Hewitt at Acupuncture Health Company. After two acupuncture treatments with Stacy, I no longer wake up at night and feel like someone has sprayed me down with a water hose. Also all the problems I had with hot flashes during the day causing me to be embarrassed because I would start randomly sweating for no reason. Gone! Thanks to Stacy I think I can beat this menopause.

After the birth of my first child, I could never shake feeling really fatigued. This went on for a number of months and started to progressively get worse. I started to feel down all the time, everything started to seem flat and grey. I really started to struggle to find joy in my life. It just seemed that my fatigue and mood kept getting worse. I went to see my MD and she diagnosed me with post-partum depression. She gave me medication. I tried taking them but they made me sick to my stomach and I didn't like the side effects.

A friend recommend Stacy to me. She had really good luck kicking the "baby blues" after working with Stacy. I'm so glad I went to see Stacy! After several treatments I'm starting to feel like my old self. I have so much more energy and my mood has improved exponentially! It's so amazing to feel the zest of life again! Thanks so much!!! from me, my husband and little baby Joey.


I had not had a period in two years. My OBGYN suspected my amenorrhea had something to do with me being on birth control for such a long time. I was 36. I felt my clock was “ticking” and I wanted to get on the road to starting a family. I went to see Stacy. I saw him for almost 5 month. He used a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture. I got my period back after 5 months and got pregnant 4 months later.

Thanks Stacy!

My Husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 8 months. I saw Stacy twice and we conceived that month!

Who knew baby making was so hard? My husband and I had been working on getting pregnant for about a year. Our Doctor suggested acupuncture. We worked with Stacy for 2 months and it happened!!!

We are so glad we found you! Thanks Stacy!
--Sara R.

Our path to pregnancy was a rough one. My cycles were very irregular and I had experienced a miscarriage. We worked with Stacy for about 6 months. Through regular acupuncture and herbs. My period became regular and my BBT chart normalized. It was a long road but well worth it. We now have an 8 month old son!
--Tammy S.

Stacy is really awesome, caring and compassionate! He worked with me through my IVF Series. He help pre-harvest, post transfer and also with miscarriage prevention. Thanks so much for your help and your support!
--Carla B.

Pregnancy Support

How can a person be so sick? That’s all I could think about the beginning of my first trimester. My morning sickness was out of control! I saw Stacy twice a week for 2 weeks and things went back to normal.
--Miranda W.

No more morning sickness. Thanks Stacy!

I had had a history of several miscarriages. One of my friends told me how Stacy had helped with her spot bleeding during her first trimester. I saw him through my whole first trimester. Everything went great. No problems with miscarriage, nausea or fatigue.

I was on a mild anti-depressant prior to pregnancy. I talked to my doctor about getting off of it while I was pregnant. The doctor said it was ok. I started seeing Stacy during my first trimester and throughout my entire pregnancy. Through acupuncture and herbs, Stacy was able to help me keep my anxiety and depression at bay. I was able to have an SSRI free pregnancy! I’ve continued to see him after birth and have had no post-partum depression or anxiety.
--Donna M.

A week after giving birth I started having migraines. I saw Stacy once and they went away as fast as they came.

I went to see Stacy a few days after giving birth. I was feeling out of it. A little depressed and anxious. I saw him about 4 times and took this wonderful formula he suggested. And now I feel great!
--Linda M.

Mental Health

Sleep. Life is miserable without sleep. If you have problems sleeping, you know what I mean. Over the past few years my job has become very stressful. I started having problems sleeping. I tried everything. Chiropractic, massage, western medicine, pills. I even went to Naturopathic Doctor. None of that seemed to help.

I found Stacy's website and gave him a call. He was very informative and profession. He talked to me in detail about my health concerns and told me that he has had lots of success with insomnia.

Boy, he wasn't kidding. It took a few treatments, but they were worth every penny. Now I sleep like a baby in a crib. Currently, I like to see him once a month to help with my job stress. Acupuncture has really been a great benefit! Thanks Stacy.

I used to be a “hot head” by nature. I mean my blood could start to boil at the drop of a hat. I just figured I was wired that way and lived with it until I started to get bad tension headaches and some dizziness. My doctor recommend I try acupuncture for my headaches. I found Stacy on the internet and decided to give him a try.

Stacy is the nicest guy. On our first visit we spent a lot of time talking. He talked to me in detail about how Chinese medicine can improve emotional health as well as my headache issues. He also provided some lifestyle and exercise strategies to assist with stress. I found all the information very helpful.

I’ll admit, I was a doubter at first and it took a few sessions before I felt anything, but acupuncture has really made a big difference. My headaches and dizziness are gone and my stress level has decreased tremendously. Even when I’m in stressful situations, I feel like I can handle them better , I’m not as “thin-skinned” and things don’t “set me off” like they use to.

I still do my exercises Stacy suggested. I regularly take herbs and I see him once a month to keep things running smoothly. Stacy has been such a big help!
--Lee W

Over the past year a combination of work stress and family tragedy has left me finding myself to be really anxious and to constantly worry. I'd find myself antsy during the day, worrying about the stupidest stuff or worrying about the "what ifs" of life. I went to Acupuncture Health Company to see if acupuncture could help me mitigate some of the stress and anxiety I was feeling. Stacy has a really great way of listening and is a very compassionate person. He made me feel very comfortable and I had no problem talking to him about my current stressors. After a few treatments and an herbal formula, my mind seems more calm, I don't seem to worry as much, and my job stress doesn't bother me as much. I feel more at peace. Thanks Stacy Hewitt

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